Random Thoughts on U.S. Coinage

Official ANA Grading Standards

I recently picked up the book to the right, and I have to say this has been a great tool for helping me grade my coins. It’s extremely detailed, and with great illustrations and photographs.

My local coin dealer turned me onto the Official ANA Grading Standards for U.S. Coins, and it’s now something I would recommend to any serious U.S. coin collector.

What to Focus On?

I recently began focusing on Morgan Silver Dollars, and accepted my personal challenge to collect all dates in the series.

There’s just one problem.

I’m finding out that it will be next to impossible to achieve, as there will be some dates which I won’t be able to find, and even if I did the cost to purchase these coins will be well beyond my budget.

So, I’ve decided to focus on one of the easiest U.S. coin series to complete, and that is the Eisenhower Dollars. After all, they were only minted from 1971 to 1978, with if I include each mint—minus any varieties—this would come up to a total of 19 coins!

As a matter of fact, a bag of Eisenhower dollars were given to my wife and me during our wedding day, and we’ve kept them all these years. But there were a lot of duplicates so I needed to find the missing dates. And I can say that I’ve almost completed the series!

I think I have only one left to find, so I’ll definitely finish the series soon.

I also completed my Washington quarters album from 1964 to present, and my Lincoln Memorial cents album from 1959 to present. As far as the pennies go, I still have a long ways to go with the Lincoln Wheat cents from 1909 to 1958.

A Very Rare Morgan Dollar

Check out this video from the Pawn Stars reality show. And this guy is trying to sell this very rare Morgan proof dollar for $100K, and it’s an 1895-P. Not too many Morgan proofs were made and it’s very rare to see a Morgan with this quality.

The Official Redbook does show a Morgan proof minted in 1895-P to be around $50,000. But the Morgan 1895-O, minted in New Orleans can sell for around $165,000 in MS-65 mint state condition!



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