Reducing Monthly Bills by Reassessing your Insurance Costs

Reassess And Reduce

There is no doubt (and it goes without saying) that people have REALLY been feeling the financial pinch these past few years.

But whether economic times are good or bad (and even if you feel there is no need to, financially speaking), it is always wise to search for better ways to cut costs, and lower your monthly bills.

And, reassessing your current insurance costs can help you save in the long run, thus reduce monthly costs.

Free Insurance Quote Sites

Nowadays, in today’s highly competitive insurance market, one can find the best deals by simply going online, and getting the best home insurance quotes… for free.

Many web sites that offer “free quotes” can be very useful and can provide you with the best deals for the same coverage, whether you’re looking for something specific like insurance for business in Illinois, or something more basic such as auto insurance.

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Protect Your Home, While Reducing Monthly Costs

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Home Insurance in California can be quite expensive, since the average value of homes in California are some of the highest in the nation. But at the same time it is a highly competitive market, and it is possible to find deals and help reduce costs.

A couple of years ago my wife and I consolidated our auto, home and other insurance with one insurance company. This was a highly effective way to reduce our monthly costs:

  • By consolidating all our insurance under one company to take advantage of discounts.
  • By getting quotes from different companies to get the best deals and save.
  • By going through an insurance broker in order to help us get the best deals.
  • Also, an insurance broker has your back, can remind you whenever you’re late with paying premiums, and work as a liason if you run into financial difficulties or hardships.

When we were in the Philippines a couple of years ago, we had a death in the family and had forgotten to pay our insurance premiums. The insurance broker helped resolve things while we were abroad.

Investigating Free Quotes Online

Today, with the many free insurance quote sites available online, the next time we reassess our insurance we will shop around online for the best deals. I haven’t discussed this with my wife yet, but we need to find out if we can do the same thing online (go with a broker to consolidate all of our insurance with one company).

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Some Ways To Reduce Insurance Costs


  • For individual insurance quotes, use whatever online tools and sites available to get free quotes and the best deals. It always pays to shop around to find the best deals for the same coverage.
  • If you want to consolidate all of your insurance, go through a reputable insurance broker in your area to save by getting auto, homeowners and other insurance with one company.
  • If you really need to save, look into the possibility of having a higher deductible. This is the amount of money you would have to pay, out-of-pocket, before the insurance company will pay you for any claims of damage or loss of property. Though you’d have to pay a higher amount upfront, your monthly premium can be significantly reduced.
  • Check with your insurance company. You might be able to further reduce your monthly premium by doing little things like adding additional smoke detectors, or adding a home security system.

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Note: Home Insurance in California doesn’t include Earthquake Insurance. I believe that is a separate type of insurance, but I could be wrong. Check the “exclusions” section of your current policy to make sure, but usually home insurance excludes the following: earth movement, water damage, power failure, neglect, war, nuclear hazard, and intentional loss.

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