Remnants of the Trump Rally are All But Gone Now

Remnants of the Trump Rally are All But Gone Now

Donald Trump keeps repeating on his Twitter account that this whole investigation into possible collusion and ties with Russia are a farce.

The thing is, Trump can say whatever he wants to say to try and detract the public from what’s REALLY happening now. But, it doesn’t change the fact that some really weird, questionable stuff has been happening all along.

And, that makes Trump’s presidency more of a sham as the days go by and more evidence seems to be unfolding that implicates him and his administration. But not only that, his competency and ability to serve as president is highly questionable.

And his ability to truly be fit to serve as president is reflected on the stock market, which has been floundering in the past several weeks.

Maybe his forte to execute the ‘art of the deal’ can be acknowledged, as what he had accomplished with Saudi Arabia, the reasons why he did this deal with Saudi Arabia also remains questionable. What is the intent? Is there a hidden agenda behind the defense contract deals with Saudi Arabia?

It’s a good thing that aerospace and defense companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin have had their stocks go up in light of these defense contract deals. But, was there some other deals to renegotiate oil prices with OPEC?

The problem is, the surplus in oil is not going to go away anytime soon. More and more people are turning to electric cars like Tesla and Chevy Volt, and there’s the continuing growth in the Hybrid car markets. And this will only get bigger as consumers will want to save on gasoline. And the price of gasoline is going down right now.

But back to the so-called Trump Rally…

What happened to it?


As Trump gets into more hot water because of the investigations into possible collusion with Russia, the stock market is turning to crap, and that’s the God’s honest truth. No fake news here.

And this will only make investors more wary about a possible correction because the stock market has been hyped up since Trump was inadvertently elected president. And Trump was taking credit for the Trump Rally, but is he not taking credit for the current downtrend?

No. He is not taking credit for it now, but he’s possibly to blame for whatever stock market downtrends are happening right now.

If anything, we are back to normal and the Trump Rally is all but over with.

It’s now a matter of how the companies are performing and how the quarterly reports are doing.

But the truth is, the Trump Rally is over.

Moving on…



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