Renegade Mobile Trader Strikes Again!

Renegade Mobile Trader Strikes Again!

I did some work this morning at the same Starbucks as yesterday.

This can be a crazy, hectic place here in the Hillcrest area of San Diego!

There were medical staff, businessman, wandering vagabonds and homeless people here.

Working here was just for a few days while I was dropping my youngest son off to his internship.

My mornings here have given me a chance to get more acquainted with my brand new Macbook Pro, and I’m becoming a real power user with the notification window and other features of the laptop.

Other than that, and follow the stock market whilst buying and selling a stock or two, not much has been happening,
but I find ways to keep myself busy.

Do I dare work once again on my overseas photo collection?

It’s a lot of work but I’m doing it a little at a time.

And pressing on…

The stock market seemed to rally strong in the beginning, but now it’s petering out and right now it’s mixed.

One needs to be extra careful during this time….

I’ve gotten into a few stocks and right away I’m in the red, so I need to study my MACD indicators more closely. MACD is a key element in knowing when to get in on a position.

Okay, now pressing on…

Note: The stock market is subject to volatility. Trade at your own risk!

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