Review: Sugar & Scribe – Restaurant and Bakery

Sugar & Scribe Restaurant and Bakery

7660 Fay Avenue, Suite I
San Diego, CA 92037

Prices: $$
Yelp Rating: 4.5 Stars
My Rating: 4 stars

Limited Vegan Selections, But…

This is a quick shoutout to one of my new favorite dining establishments.

Hello, Sugar & Scribe!

As a Vegan, I’m always on the lookout for more Vegan dining options. Across the street from Sugar & Scribe is the ever popular Cottage La Jolla. They have a good Vegan option in their Vegan Hash, plus Fruit Plate and Smoothies.

Sugar & Scribe is the newer establishment, and it’s great to have options, especially when the Cottage is really crowded. So, just across the street is another Vegan option, and they serve good breakfasts for the typical American eater. Plus, Sugar & Scribe’s bakery looks phenomenal! I kid you not!

Too bad I didn’t see any Vegan Cupcakes or what not… but, I’ll have to ask if they can come up with more Vegan choices.




As a Vegan, I can have their VegWorks Sandwich. Just omit the spread, the cheese and you have a Vegan sandwich. And, I have been getting their Vegan Soy Mochas, which are heavenly. I’ve been very happy every time.

Sugar & Scribe has become one of my favorite places to dine out for Breakfast and Brunch. Sundays can be crowded, but not as bad as The Cottage, so keep Sugar & Scribe in mind when going for Sunday Brunch.

Note: I would’ve given Sugar & Scribe 5 stars, but I took away one star because of the limited Vegan options. Still, the quality of the food and beverages is very good. Awesome, in my humble opinion.



Carlos Rull

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