Review – The Avengers: Age of Ultron

My Rating: 75/100

Yesterday, my wife and I watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

My overall rating, minus all the hoopla and minus all the hype? 75% (in keeping with the critical response on Rotten Tomatoes). Sorry, I wasn’t as enthusiastic about this Avengers sequel, and I thought it was overdone, and not enough character/super hero development.

Fact Check

Official Trailer No. 1

Aside From The Numbers

Numbers and hype aside, I have to say I wasn’t as enthused with this second Avengers movie as I was with the original.

I thought Age of Ultron was trying too hard to outdo it’s predecessor, and while I found the movie entertaining overall, I have to say I thought it was overdone. Maybe it was me, but there was so much action and CGI effects that I found myself falling asleep despite all this action.

Sometimes, the movie had put character development on the sidelines in favor of all this CGI-laden action. While there is nothing wrong with spectacular action, I just think that sometimes it can be a bit much for the brain to process at one sitting.

Will I watch this movie again?

Probably not, but I would have to watch it again thinking I would catch up on whatever I missed. I admit I came into this movie having NOT watched the trailer(s), and having NOT read the PLOT on

But the feeling I got as I left the theater was one of slight disappointment, which leads me to think I would probably not want to watch Age of Ultron again, unless maybe I’m totally bored and want to rent it cheaply on Redbox.

I overheard a man say to his wife (as I sat with my wife as we waited for the surprise scene at the end), “what a terrible movie”. And while I didn’t hate the movie that much, I did have mixed feelings about it.

As for the surprise scene at the end?

It was too short and cryptic for me. C’mon folks, give us a little more for sitting through the credits!



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