Review: WP Code Highlight Plugin

Okay, I’ve been testing out a few WordPress Plugins that handle the placement of ‘code snippets’ in WordPress posts.

And I think I’m happy with the WP Code Highlight plugin written by BoLiQuan .

But I’ll try to share more code on the site.

So let’s get started with the classic introductory code snippet for PHP.

Hello World

A PHP Function

Next, let’s share a PHP function that will return the Alexa Rank for a given domain.

Settings Page

Here are the settings in WordPress to make changes to the plugin.

WP Code Highlight

Basic Usage

Here are the guidelines on how to use the plugin.

WP Code Highlight

And there you have it…

This plugin is working quite well and I think I’m happy with this one.

Do you have a favorite code sharing plugin that you use?

Please share it in the comments section below…



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