San Diego: It’s Been A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home

San Diego has been a place I’ve called home for such a long time. My Mom says that we lived in Oxnard for a spell, but I never really remembered living there. My earliest memories were in Coronado. That’s where I remember growing up as I have early memories of Pre-school and Kindergarten at Glorietta Elementary School.

The one thing I miss about San Diego is that there used to be these ferry boats between Coronado and San Diego; it would cross the San Diego Bay between the old ferry landing and downtown San Diego. And they would transport automobiles back and forth. This was all before the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge was built, and back then the only other alternative was to go all the way around the bay via Silver Strand, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista and National City.

Anyway, San Diego is one of the largest cities in the U.S. now. Second largest in California (behind Los Angeles). The traffic here can be horrendous in some places, and we have almost 1.5 million residents now. Still, it’s a beautiful city with a nice temperate climate (although we’ve been experiencing our share of the California drought).

Today’s Daily 5

Today’s Daily 5 Post focuses on my beloved city of San Diego.

1. According to this website, San Diego is the 8th largest city in the U.S.

2. And for those of you who might’ve visited San Diego before and wanted to move here but the cost of living was prohibitive: 22 Reasons Living In San Diego Ruins You For Life

3. And San Diego from a drone!

4. And everyone should visit Balboa Park during their first visit to San Diego. Supposedly it’s bigger than New York City’s Central Park. Go figure!

5. During a recent visit to Coronado Island (once again), I was able to capture the beauty of the Downtown San Diego skyline one sunny Sunday (in a panorama view).

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