San Francisco: October 2011

A recent trip to San Francisco had renewed my interest in amateur photography. And a need to display such photographic images on my blog again. Remember my photos from New England? Like the trip through Old Cape Cod

Westfield Mall, Downtown San Francisco

The architecture here is amazing! And the lower level has one of the biggest food courts I’ve seen, which included a Loving Hut, serving up vegan dishes.

Dome, Westfield Mall, San Francisco

westfield mall, san francisco

Very beautiful! Stunning architecture! This dome was built in 1908 and was recently restored.

Sanrio Helly Kitty

aw cute, hello kitty!

Need I say more? Who doesn’t find Hello Kitty apparel and accessories cute?

Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate bridge

I tried to capture a different perspective than what I usually capture. This was an oncoming view of traffic looking from the North end of this famed suspension bridge.

Facebook Headquarters

facebook headquarters, the sign

I made it! To ground zero at the Facebook Headquarters near Stanford University. They had just moved recently from their old location, and so all I could find was this sign. I was planning to plank on it, but didn’t wanna take a chance of damaging it and getting in trouble. It didn’t look like the sign was very sturdy (I could move it back and forth), oh well… maybe I’ll come back when they have a more official sign, and then I’ll visit Google and Apple too.



Carlos Rull

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