Saturday Random Thoughts: Investing, Music, Gardening, Etc.

Aftermath of This Week’s Stock Market

I don’t really like it when the stock market tanks on Fridays, and it’s been doing this almost consistently for the past several weeks. On Monday, stocks will most likely rebound if there are no geopolitical events that affect it. So, it might be a good time to invest in new positiions on a Friday. But don’t quote me on it, this is just my personal observation and of course, things can always change.

With cash drag on the portfolio, it’s always safe to keep capital liquid in the event that this market correction continues, although there are some signs of a rebound. But we’re in earnings territory and after that, what then?

It’s still safe to tread carefully. With the current administration in turmoil, and many of the staff leaving the White House or being fired, the rifts are sure to affect Wall Street in some way, so once again, tread carefully if you’re an investor.

Music Business and Corporate Work

I just finished a really nice, high paying Corporate Gig. And one thing that is sure to be great with the current administration is that companies will begin to have more out-of-town conferences. And thus, more work for the working musicians out there. So, I hope things pick up, because one thing that was not good with the Obama administration was its crackdown on corporate spending at luxury hotels and resorts. It hurts us local musicians trying to make a decent living out of music.

Let’s just say that any corporate gig could be 10 times more money than performing at a dive bar or restaurant for a much smaller wage plus tips. And for the time, energy, practice and rehearsals that musicians do on a regular basis, it would be nice for musicians to be compensated for that.

Gardening and Having a Green Thumb

I don’t consider myself an excellent gardener, but I love to garden. To me it’s a form of meditation and I try to translate that form of meditation to the garden. Yes, gardening meditation.

But, I just can’t seem to get the roses to bloom profusely!

Which reminds me, that roses need to be fed a LOT of food, water and sunshine in order to thrive.

I think the feeding part of fertilizers and soil amendments is what I’m underestimating. I need to feed the roses today. This morning.

I do have compost ready and compost tea, so I will feed the roses today and see how it goes in the next few weeks.

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