Savvy Saturdays: Making Wall Street Great Again?

Making Wall Street Great Again?

Is it ‘Make America Great Again’, or ‘Make Wall Street Great Again’?
It’s very important to note that President Obama inherited the 2nd worst Financial Disaster in the history of our nation.

Even though the chart in the article states he made a small 2.8% gain in his first 100 days of office, his administration was busy bailing out our major Financial Institutions AND Auto Manufacturers to the tune of billions of dollars. We had to bail out these large businesses to save millions of jobs. Yet, because of the housing crisis millions of people lost their homes as they foreclosed across the country. Many, losing their jobs anyway as the Financial Disaster continued to roll across America like a giant tsunami.
So, President Trump is being recognized for Wall Street’s 5% gain in his first 100 days of office? Yet, the S&P 500 had rebounded considerably since 2008!

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Making Note of Obama’s Accomplishments

During President Obama’s two terms, the S&P 500 rose from around 777 points around the time of 2008, to over 2300 during his last days of office. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THAT!!! THATS ABOUT A 300% GAIN!!!!
It just seems like a travesty that Barrack Obama isn’t recognized more for helping rebuild the economy SINCE 2008 when so much progress had actually been made. It’s also important to note that we were so close to falling into another Great Depression.

Mr. Trump inherited the fruits of Obama’s labor yet his efforts are being ignored because of political intent of a Republican led Congress.

Should A U.S. President Take Credit for Wall Street?

Do we hold a president accountable for making Wall Street great? And what of the millions of people who don’t even have investments in Wall Street who voted for Trump.

My point is, the article seems to point to the fact that Wall Street is great again because of Trump since he’s supposed to be a savvy businessman who is the only President (and Presidential Candidate) who has NEVER shared his income tax returns. My logic tells me that there is something he’s hiding. And he says he’s in an audit, but realistically, how long does an IRS audit last?

I’ve done the research… not very long, but I’m guessing that with Trump’s convoluted businesses, it is complicated. But, seriously, it shouldn’t be.

Obama’s Tax Returns

I’ve studied Barrack Obama’s tax returns in-depth because I wanted to see what his stock holdings were, and I was surprised that he had a very nicely sized portfolio, obviously built upon his earning from his books that were published, and surprisingly he has a lot of U.S. Treasury Bonds in his investment portfolio.

If anyone was concerned about Wall Street it would be Barrack Obama, but he never emphasized making Wall Street great again. He always championed the American people as a whole, and the poorest, most unfortunate in need. In Obama’s tax returns he states many charities that he has given monetary aid to. All in all, despite all the criticism Obama has had to put up with, regarding his tax returns; they are a model example of what a great president’s tax returns should look like…. in other words, he had nothing to hide!

What Is He Hiding?

The thing about tax returns is, if you are hiding them from the public, AND if you have already successfully hid them from the public and already became president, a certain amount of skepticism has to be running through the common American’s mind, whether you supported him or not. This is just common sense, no? How could you not question a man who wouldn’t show his tax returns and was the only presidential candidate who never did, AND…. he is known for being a savvy businessman!



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