Say A Prayer for Your Portfolio

As I write this post, the DOW is down another 307 points.
And I guess we can assume that—after an entire year of non-volatile growth—the stock market is rearing its ugly head, and a correction is emerging.

What to do at this point, especially if you bought shares of stock last week and on the days just before last Friday and Saturday?

Well, you hold on and resist the temptation to sell to cut your loses.

As a mentor of mine has said, it’s just paper losses, and it’s only an official, permanent loss if you sell.

So, once again, think Warren Buffett and hold on for the long run. And hopefully you bought stocks with nice dividends so you can earn some passive income in the meantime.

Facebook and Google Ad Domination

Yes, it does seem that most of the ad space on the web is being dominated by Google and Facebook. This greatly affects everyone else on the web trying to earn on advertising revenue.

Disney, 21st Century Fox

This merger proves the power of the people to challenge the system, when it was geared toward massive profits over providing cable services at a reasonable price. Let’s face it, the cable companies got greedy, and customers responded by cutting the cord.

Streaming TV is the way to go, and getting by without all those cable channels is viable option.

The State of the Portfolio

The portfolio is down once again this morning. And, I’m not budging. I’m holding on for the long haul.

Bring it on. I am patient and calm.

Note: The stock market is subject to volatility. Trade at your own risk!

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