Should You Give Up Bread For The New Year?

Going Gluten-Free

As an experiment, in 2017 I became gluten-free, which meant no breads or anything with gluten in it. And this extended to other items like beer (which I don’t drink, anyway) and other foods that have hidden gluten in it.

Why did I do this?

Well, I had heard that some elite athletes like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and even Novak Djokovic were experimenting on gluten-free diets to enhance performance. And I thought I’d give it a shot too.

Of course, I was feeling mild symptoms gluten-sensitivity, so I needed to at least try gluten-free for awhile.

Now it’s tough enough being Vegan, but gluten-free too?

Yes, it was tough!

But, I felt better, although when we traveled I was staring at that Naan Bread in Tibet, and wanting that Sourdough Bread in Spain.

Perhaps A Compromise?

In 2018, I allowed some bread into the diet, mainly because I love Italian and Spanish Cuisine and that included some type of sourdough bread.

In fact, my rationalizing was based on the fact that sourdough bread has probiotics. It’s actually ‘living bread’ with microbes that are healthy for the gut, and it’s part of the Mediterranean Diet that has been raved about so much for its health benefits and promoting longevity.

So, I allowed it at a smaller percentage, maybe 10% of my overall Vegan Diet, which would be for special dining considerations and maybe eating some ‘old world’ sourdough breads organically baked at Whole Foods. The ‘old world’ stuff has more probiotics, I’m told.

And that’s where I’ve been since. Still 100% Vegan, and about 90% gluten-free. I think it’s a healthy compromise, and I still don’t drink beer, just red wine.

And I can still enjoy Vegan Garlic Fried Rice picture above!

More later…

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