Sling TV: A Cord Cutter’s Guide to Sling on Roku

Sling TV: A Cord Cutter’s Guide to Sling on Roku

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My family and I were resolved to enjoy a life without cable about a year and a half ago when we stopped our cable tv subscription.
Let me tell you it was so nice to save $88 a month, and we don’t really watch television that much anymore. We added Amazon Prime though, which is a big savings if you shop on Amazon often. We mainly got it for the FREE 2-day shipping, but quickly found out they streamed countless movies and tv shows. Also included is a music service that rivals Pandora and Spotify. Plus, you get unlimited storage in the cloud for your photos. All in all, Amazon Prime is very much worth the price of admission at $99 a year (which is a little over $8 a month).

Discovering Sling TV

But about a month and a half ago, my wife and I talked about adding Sling TV to our Roku 3. At $20 a month, I think it’s worth getting back some of those cable channels that we DID love when we had cable. So, maybe we added a few smaller expenses each month, but we’re still saving around $60 a month!

What is Sling?

Sling TV is a new $20-per-month live TV package with 16 channels, including ESPN, AMC, TNT, CNN, History, HDTV and the Disney Channel.

Here’s a great article that covers everything you need to know about Sling TV.

How do you get Sling?

On Roku, you simply have to search for it in the ‘Search Channels’ section of the Roku menu. Then simply add the channel. You’ll be prompted to activate and pay for it, or you can try the 7-Day FREE trial by going to the Sling TV website.

Sling TV is a month-by-month service, so if you signed up for it after the trial period and don’t like it, you can always cancel it without a hitch. Easy peasy.

List of Available Channels

Note that the basic $20 minimum level subscription is called Sling Orange with 25+ channels. Then there’s Sling Blue at $25 with 30+ channels. And you can combine Orange + Blue at $40. Plus there are many add-ons to choose from.

Here’s the current list of available cable channels with Sling Orange:

  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • AMC
  • A&E
  • TNT
  • H2
  • TBS
  • BBC America
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • Travel Channel
  • Newsy
  • IFC
  • El Rey
  • Viceland
  • Adult Swim
  • Cartoon Network
  • Freeform (formerly ABC Family)
  • Disney Channel
  • CNN
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Local Now
  • Lifetime
  • Polaris+
  • Maker
  • Flama
  • Galavisión

Photo Examples

Here’s what Sling looks like on my Roku 3.

Roku and Sling

As you can see, Sling looks just like one of the many streaming channels that can be found on Roku.

The HDTV quality of Sling is quite good.

Roku and Sling

Here’s CNN on Sling using Roku. Because it’s streaming via your broadband internet, there will be a bit of a pause when channels are loading. But for the most part it’s pretty quick.

The interface is user-friendly, intuitive, and fun!

Roku and Sling

What I REALLY like about Sling is the ability to watch previous shows from a day or two ago. This makes it easy to catch up on shows you may have missed, eliminating the need to record shows for later viewing. Use the up and down buttons on your Roku to access channels and previous shows.

Shows that are coming up in the next few hours will also be shown, functioning like a guide to what’s coming up. This might be confusing to newbies, but just check for the show that is ‘On Now’ to determine past and future shows.

A new feature of Sling is a section where you keep your favorite, most watched channels. This eliminates the extra steps of browsing through all channels. This is convenient if you watch just a small number of channels.

More to Come

I’ll be writing more about my experiences with Sling and Roku in upcoming posts, so check back…



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