Spotlight on Keira Knightley: Just What Does She Eat, Anyway?

Spotlight on Keira Knightley

As New Year’s Day approaches and we begin a brand new year in 2013, many of us will clean the slate once again after the food-laden holiday season. We will set new goals to concentrate on diet and exercise, in an effort to improve our bodies and look good.

Many of us look to the stars and celebrities, and wonder just what do they do (if anything) to stay in shape and look lean and mean for the camera.

Keira Knightley is one such beauty who seems to look lean and mean. And at the same time has come under scrutiny as to whether or not she is anorexic. Her beauty is apparent, but many have wondered if she is too thin.

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Yet the actress claims that she eats whatever she wants, eats lots of pasta and drinks about a half bottle of wine a day, and stresses that it’s in her genetics and she doesn’t have anorexia nervosa.

Just What Does She Eat, Anyway?

That is a good question, and believe me I’ve scoured the Internet looking for answers.

This interview with Ellen Degeneres sheds a bit of light on what Keira Knightley eats, as she does mention pastas, sauces, roast chicken, and the fact that she doesn’t eat junk food and sticks to organic foods.

Basically, a multitude of online articles claim the following:

Keira Knightley

1. She Does Eat A Lot

In defense of her accusations of being anorexic, Keira Knightley (and her mother to some extent) have gone on a mission to set the record straight. That she got her metabolism from her father, actor Will Knightley, who was also naturally thin and could eat as much as he wanted and not gain weight.

I’ve known people who have a very fast metabolism, who could eat anything they wanted to and not gain weight. As a matter of fact I know people who have a hard time putting on weight, and they need to eat quite a bit of food just to maintain their weight. So, if Keira Knightley is one of those lucky people who has to keep eating just to maintain their current weight, then that is highly possible.

2. She Doesn’t Exercise A Whole Lot

I’ve read a few articles that claim Keira Knightley does practice Pilates, and exercises here and there. But, she has stated before that she hates exercise and would rather avoid it if at all possible.

Now, we all know she is an actress and has been in many successful movies. In the world of movie making, the days can be 15 hours long and everyone works very hard. I know this because I was in a small time show on television and I can attest to the hard work and the long hours. A lot of calories can be burned in any given day of film making, especially if you’re a movie star like Keira Knightley who has done action movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

For the movie King Arthur, she reportedly trained extensively in boxing, fighting, archery and horseback riding, four days a week for three months. But other than that, I have not read of any reports that she is dedicated to a regular exercise regimen.

3. She Has A Naturally Thin Frame.

And basically she is like some people I know who have a naturally thin frame at 5’7″. Yes, it doesn’t look like she exercises all that much judging by her petite frame and lack of muscles that would’ve been built up working out extensively in the gym.

Perhaps she is thinner (for her natural lean frame) because she is watching what she eats, due to all the scrutinizing she receives, but if Keira Knightley claims to eat a lot of food and also claims she’s not anorexic, we can give her the benefit of the doubt.

Is Keira Knightley Vegan?

Keira Knightley

I doubt it. As I’ve combed through a few lists of notable celebrity vegans and she wasn’t on the list. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think she’s vegan.

In Summary

It could very well be true that Keira Knightley IS one of those fortunate people who can eat a lot of food and not gain weight. Seriously, if we rationalize that making movies and doing all the activities surrounding the Life of a movie star, then I can presume that she burns enough calories to stay lean and mean, whether she eats a lot every day or not. Staying thin is one of those things that factors into being a movie star, and she is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. And that is one fact that is quite true.

Maybe she sincerely thinks she eats quite enough food, but being as busy as she is makes it hard to pack in the calories. Who knows… but, admittedly there aren’t many details as far as what she eats or how much, and practically nothing about any exercise regimen she might be doing.

And for that, Keira Knightley remains somewhat of an enigma.



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