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Happy Healthy Vegan

As a part of my mission to continue on with the Vegan Lifestyle in 2015 (after failing on the Paleo Diet in 2014), I’ve been avidly following Anji and Ryan of Happy Healthy Vegan on YouTube.

Anji and Ryan are your quintessential, mellow Californians, living in Long Beach and have been on a High Carb, Low Fat Vegan Diet (80 10 10 Diet) for several years now, and with great success.

Their YouTube channel is steadily growing in popularity and they share many aspects of their Vegan lifestyle. They both practice Yoga and ride bicycles and jog/run as a part of their overall Vegan way of life. And they prove that the high carb, low fat Vegan diet brings about more energy to do more things in a typical day.

Here’s Ryan, sharing his experiences of running on a high carb, low fat Vegan Diet:

As a person who’s been running in the past (but not running right now), I’ve been following Ryan as he expands on his running regimen and improve on his PR times. He definitely proves that a Vegan Diet is the way to go when running, just as elite runners like Scott Jurek and Michael Arnstein have thrived on a Vegan Diet, Michael Arnstein being more of a Fruitarian.

And here’s Anji and Ryan, talking about their Vegan experiences and how they started Happy Healthy Vegan and put together their own YouTube channel:

For a couple in their late 40’s, Anji and Ryan look young and healthy for their age. It’s the results that continue to impress me with people who are living and promoting the Vegan lifestyle. I have yet to see any long term positive results from those promoting the Paleo Diet. Even then, a true Paleo Diet will still emphasize more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Anyway, check out Anji and Ryan on Happy Healthy Vegan. The do a great (more compassionate) job at promoting the Vegan Diet to the masses.



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