Spotlight on Natalie Portman: Just What Does She Eat, Anyway?

Just What Does Natalie Portman Eat, Anyway?

Natalie Portman received an Academy Award for her performance in the movie, Black Swan.

She took on the role of Nina Sayers, a professional ballerina in the New York City Ballet.

To prepare for the role, she “endured” a grueling regimen of ballet training and a restrictive diet to lose weight and look convincing as a world-class ballerina. Her performance was mesmerizing.

But, let’s explore a little more about Natalie Portman’s dietary history, being that she has always looked great and managed to keep herself slim and looking radiant for the cameras.

Is Natalie Portman a Vegan?

I can’t recall where I read this but I did read that she has admitted to being a vegan since age 8. And she recently has a line of Vegan shoes. So it’s safe to assume that she is still a practicing Vegan. She is listed in as one of a large group of notable American Vegans. mentions that she has been a vegetarian since age 8. And, regarding any physical activities, she has studied dancing since age 4.

But regardless of whether or not she is vegan (much information online claims she is vegetarian rather than vegan), she might be eating a more vegetarian diet now that she is pregnant. No real information on that, but the bottom line is that it looks like she eats a very healthy, balanced diet.

Supposedly, during her preparation for her role in Black Swan, Natalie Portman reportedly dropped 20 lbs. Now my wife and I saw Black Swan when it first came out in the theaters and she looked very thin to me, almost gaunt. But, she looked very convincing as a ballerina, with her thin physique and dancing form. She fully immersed herself into the role.

Natalie Portman, A Yogini

It has also been mentioned in various articles that Natalie Portman has been practicing Yoga for years, as these photos apparently show Natalie Portman leaving a Yoga studio in London. In the movie Black Swan, there is a scene where Natalie’s character is at home in her apartment doing some yoga-like, dance stretches, and this demonstrates just how limber she is.

But as far as being a strict vegan, there has been mixed information that floats between being a strict vegan to being just a typical vegetarian. We’d have to hear it straight from Natalie Portman herself.

Her Role in Black Swan

According to this article in Elle, Natalie Portman trained with a former New York City ballet dancer, Mary Helen Bowers:

I took my program, which combines mat work, cardio, and ballet and created a customized version for her. On the one hand, we wanted her to look the part so that her character was believable—ballerinas have obvious physical markers like long, lean muscle and beautiful posture—but we also wanted to make sure she was able to move and dance like a professional ballerina. Because of this, many of the exercises had a dual purpose. We’d work on her inner thighs to change how her leg was shaped but it’d also help her get a tighter fifth position. Or we’d target her abs to give her greater definition but also build her center of balance.

According to her trainer, Portman went on a grueling schedule, trained 5 plus hours a day, 6 days a week for about a year before actual rehearsals for the film began. It’s not known exactly what sort of diet regimen she was following, but according to a few sources it was an extreme diet of strict portion control and carb intake resulting in her loss of 20 lbs. and at one point the director and fellow actors were concerned and persuaded her to eat!



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