Starz Upon Tharz, and Other Fabled Tales

Starz Upon Tharz, and Other Fabled Tales

2018 is going pretty well so far…

Last year we had a whirlwind 2017, traveling to China, Tibet, Hong Kong, Dubai, Nepal and India.

I think this year will be a stay-at-home year, as we plan to concentrate on remodeling the kitchen (which so desperately needs it, trust me).

I’m afraid to take photos of the kitchen right now, it’s in bad shape, but I’ll have to in order to post before and after pics.

If we DO travel this year it’ll be to either Japan or South America, and much later in the year.

We’ve been going to kitchen and bath showrooms and we’re admiring the state-of-the-art brands of appliances like Viking and SubZero. Of course, I don’t know how we would afford that, and we have to consider whether we would sell our house later on, or just rent it out.

A LOT of thinking is going on with regards to the house and the kitchen remodel.

We have to do the bathrooms too, but we’re trying to stay under budget. I understand remodels can end up being $100,000 and more. Our modest budget is $15,000. Maybe 20K.

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