The State of the Coin Collection

The State of the Coin Collection

coin collecting

My coin collection is something I like to leisurely do in my spare time. I’d like to turn it into a side business, but so far I haven’t gotten there yet. But, as you can see I’m selling some coins on my website here.

My coin collection hasn’t really changed all that much. A new Morgan Dollar here and there, but mostly I’m working on completing the National Parks Washington Quarters album up to the current year. It’s coming along, but for us West Coast collectors, getting those “P” quarters from regular circulation is a bit hard.

What I’ve been doing is to go to the bank and buying $100 in quarters, and maybe I’ll find 1 or 2 needed quarters. Maybe if I’m lucky, a few more.

Coin collecting is fun... ;)

I’ve been trying to get good deals on Morgan Dollars off of eBay, only bidding up to $30 and then letting the item go and search for something else. I’ve been getting into NGC certified Morgan Dollars (I just happen to like their look) and checking their value online to compare the potential purchase price to the estimated value. And a couple of times I’ve been lucky to buy a coin that is at least half its estimated value.

Coin collecting is fun... ;)

I haven’t been to my local coin shop since coming back from Spain, so that’s overdue. It’s enjoyable to talk to a dealer because he has more experience than I do, and I learn something new every time.

Anyway, my goal for next year is to invest more in collectible coins, which I would consider a part of my investment portfolio. Especially, looking at gold and silver bullion, since they have a better resell value and dealers are eager to buy them.

More on this later…



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