Stellar Results at my Annual Checkup

Stellar Results at my Annual Checkup

stellar results

I was so happy this morning.

Stellar results! Well, for me, anyway.

I had my annual physical with my doctor and she said that I looked “healthy” and I “lost weight” based on my vital stats.

A little history though.

In the past I have had less than stellar checkups, and I’d been struggling with my blood pressure and triglyceride levels. I’d been leaving my annual physicals feeling like a flunked my final exam!

But this morning was different. My doctor seemed actually glad that I’ve been making progress.

What I Did in a Year

Now, the main changes to my lifestyle have included the following:

  • Diligently tracking my food and liquid intake on Cron-o-meter.
  • Tracking my physical activity on Cron-o-meter as well.
  • Eating 5 meals a day, and making them smaller meals of around 500 calories each.
  • Making sure my calories consumed was always lower than calories burned. Giving myself a wide margin of 500+ calories as much as possible. Sometimes, after hitting parties and family get-togethers, I would fall off the mark, but quickly get back on track the next day.
  • Continuing with my Vegan/plant-based lifestyle and eating as much fruits and veggies as possible. Lower in calories, higher in nutrition.

Goals for the Future?

  • Reducing my bread consumption. Since a lot of the hidden sodium in people’s diets is in the bread! A lot of people don’t know this, and I would have my vegan sandwiches but I would take in more sodium (a no-no for people suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension).
  • Eating more raw fruits and veggies, and steamed or grilled if it’s not raw.
  • SERIOUSLY get back into a daily Yoga routine!
  • Hopefully, I’ll slowly but surely lose more weight.
  • Hopefully bring my blood pressure to where I can lower my dosage of medications.
  • One step at a time. One day at a time.
  • Get even better stellar results for next year.

I’ve been struggling, but I owe most of my success on a vegan, plant-based diet. Less saturated fats, less sugar, less overall fat intake, greatly reduced or no cholesterol, and moderate exercise which included gardening, yard work and household chores.

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