Stock Market Ends Week of Turmoil, DOW Falls Below 26,000

Stock Market Ends Week of Turmoil, DOW Falls Below 26,000

So just to recap the week. At least for the portfolio it’s been a brutal, downtrending week. Ironically, during the week of Trump’s SOTU address, where he bragged about how he was responsible for the stock market’s success, perhaps the markets saw through the charade of FAKE reporting in the SOTU.

Even another jobs report of +200,000 jobs didn’t help the stock market’s slump this time, and there’s talk that much of these jobs are part-time positions.

And ironically, his adversary and seemingly hateful foe… Jeff Bezos… became even richer as the richest person in the world capping off at $120 million. Amazon stock gapping up in a major way after post record earnings. It seems Amazon is the only corporation in the positive this morning, as far as the biggest contenders are concerned.

But, I’m not too worried about the portfolio being down. I bought more Apple stock, even though the stock tumbled after posting that the corporation didn’t sell the number of iPhone X’s as predicted. The thing about analysts, they set Apple’s expectations at such a high level. Apple actually posted record earnings and revenue, even the the number of new iPhones sold was lower. Keep in mind that the iPhone X is a $1K phone to start with.

The State of the Portfolio

The SOTP is down this week by a few thousand dollars. Not bad, considering the overall profit, but I’m going to hold off on posting my weekly update this week, at least until the portfolio stabilizes.

Today’s winners: AMZN, SHOP, BAC

Today’s losers: APPL, CAT, ISRG, FDX

Current Portfolio Strategy

I basically acquired more dividend shares from corporations like FDX, AAPL, and CSCO.

I acquired more ETFs like VOO, SPY, and TCEHY.

The current strategy now is to hold for long term growth. Allow the portfolio to stabilize. Hold off on short term trading while the stock market is more volatile. And maybe even take a more value investing approach to the portfolio this year. And simply buy and hold.

Note: The stock market is subject to volatility. Trade at your own risk!

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