Stock Market News: Recapping the Final Week of July 2017

Stock Market News: Recapping the Final Week of July 2017

It was a VERY interesting final week in July of 2017.

For a moment, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was the richest person in the world! Then, suddenly he wasn’t.

We had a nice tech rally led by the likes of Amazon [stock_quote symbol=”AMZN”] and Facebook [stock_quote symbol=”FB”], and then this morning we see a sell-off in tech stocks (Well, to me that’s just investors taking profits off the top).

But overall, we had a nice few days of rallies that kept the stock market a bit more exciting than was usually expected.

The Big Winner is The Boeing Company

Boeing [stock_quote symbol=”BA”] skyrocketed to record highs and did a gap up that of 8% with a total 2-day gain of 10%. It posted record earnings and billions in cash. This was most likely attributed to the deals Trump made with the Saudis, so I give him credit for that. But how much of it can be attributed to just Boeing being a great company and a blue chip stock?

My take on this is that Boeing was already a winner back at the start of the year when I bought into BA shares in January 2017. So the stock out-performed months before Trump struck the deals with the Saudis.

finviz dynamic chart for  BA

Portfolio Winners

It was an interesting week for the portfolio. The year-to-date winners so far this week have been:

Boeing Company [stock_quote symbol=”BA”] which year-to-date has gained 51.17%. Followed by Facebook [stock_quote symbol=”FB”] which has gained 15.18%. ING Groep NV (ADR) [stock_quote symbol=”ING”] has gained 10.36%, and Shopify (SHOP) rounds out the winners at 9.14%.

Portfolio Losers

At the very bottom was Coca-Cola [stock_quote symbol=”KO”] which I sold this morning for a small profit, just to get out of the stock. The stock had been showing Bearish technicals and was Graded ‘D’ by Portfolio Grader.

I love Starbucks [stock_quote symbol=”SBUX”] but the company’s stock has been doing terrible lately, and now they are closing all 379 Teavana stores! Remember that Starbucks had acquired Teavana a while back (bad move, I thought). Anyway, Starbucks is planning on focusing more attention to China, and I believe there is a potentially large market there. But so far, I still like the company and still holding on, even though the technical rating is Bearish and Portfolio Grader gave the stock a ‘D’ grade.

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