For the Stock Market, Trump’s Speech Equaled Hope

For the Stock Market, Trump Equals Hope?

After last night, the stock market is rallying big time this morning on the hopes and dreams of Trump’s speech, which was more positive, backing off from his fiery, negative rhetoric from weeks past.

Surely, yet puzzlingly, the stock market is latching on to this kind of hope, with the DOW rallying 200+ points this morning.

The DOW reached the 21,000 mark for the first time this morning.

No doubt, Trump projected a softer tone in his speech last night to Congress.

And as good as the GOP and his supporters have claimed Trump’s speech to be, let’s look at the facts. Trump’s rhetoric has been known to be clouded with ‘alternative facts’ and at the least, exaggeration.

Fact check: Donald Trump’s claims on jobs, Obamacare, immigration and more

U.S. News speaks of a Kinder, Gentler Trump.

President Donald Trump finally ratcheted down his pugnacity, kept his cool, and didn’t spew insults against his adversaries. In fact, his speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night showed a kinder, gentler side not seen since he became president Jan. 20. “From now on,” Trump declared, “America will be empowered by our aspirations, not burdened by our fears; inspired by the future, not bound by the failures of the past, and guided by our vision, not blinded by our doubts.”

More on this as the day progresses…

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