Stock Notes: 2 Year Charts Show Growth Amidst Skepticism

A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else. —George Savile

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The average person who doesn’t know anything about the stock market tends to be distrustful of investing in stocks.

It seems logical to distrust something you know very little about. It’s that fear of the unknown, but investing in stocks falls into a few simple criteria:

1. The Dow (other major stock indices and some very successful corporations) continue to show growth and profits even in what many say is a period of recession.

2. There are many fluctuations in a stock’s price during its lifetime, but if a company’s financial history is sound, chances are the stock will rise slowly but surely.

3. Listen to Warren Buffett.

I remembered (not too long ago) that I posted about my experience at my mechanic’s waiting room. It just so happened that I had my book Stock Investing for Dummies under my arm, for something to read while waiting.

This one guy makes the comment about my book and says, “Stock Investing? You’re going to lose all your money”. And a few other guys in the room beginning to laugh. Of course, I act calmly and just ignore them, acting like perhaps I know something they don’t.

And it’s true.

The charts prove time and time again, that great companies have stocks with great track records. Just look at the proof!

2 Year Stock Charts


2 Year Stock Chart

Home Depot

2 Year Stock Chart


2 Year Stock Chart


2 Year Stock Chart


2 Year Stock Chart



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