Stock Notes: Revisiting 2 Year Charts of Successful Stocks

Not too long ago, I wrote a post entitled “Stock Notes: 2 Year Charts Show Growth Amidst Skepticism”.

The overall consensus from the general public is that Wall St. is not to be trusted. But logic tells me there are many, many successful corporations out there making money and their stock prices just keep climbing over the months and years.

It’s easy for the inexperienced to say, “You’ll lose all your money in the stock market”, but then again, tell that to Warren Buffett.

Yes, the truth is, the inexperienced will lose money. The impatient person will lose money. And those who don’t take advantage of the stock market will lose money.

Anyway, I like to show these 2 year charts in order to demonstrate the success of some key stocks that I think every should have in their stock portfolio, based solely on their success in 2 years time.

And The Winners Are

These charts are current as of Monday, May 20, 2013.

Visa, Inc. (V)


Home Depot (HD)


Disney (DIS)


Coca-Cola (KO)




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