Stock Performance: 5 Websites to Analyze a Stock’s Potential

Stock Performance is based on many different factors, many of which are connected to technical analysis, studying charts and various indicators and oscillators to determine whether a stock is worth investing in, or avoiding completely.

Stock Performance: 5 Websites to Analyze a Stock’s Potential

These days, there’s no reason a stock investor can’t find technical analysis tools that will help in making important decisions when investing in stocks.

This is just a brief post to share what I use when determining whether a stock is a great investment or not. I say ‘great’ because I personally want to make sure I choose the absolute best stock that will give me the best return on my investment (ROI).

At another time, I will elaborate on why I feel these 5 tools are great for stock investing. And that will include getting into the details of why I think each technical analysis tool is great, and why I primarily use it. But for now, here’s my quick list of my 5 top technical analysis tools.

Five Awesome Stock Analysis Tools

  • – Stock Technical Analysis. This one is one of the oldest tech analysis tools I’ve used online. It includes a chart as well as the various support and resistance levels the stock price is experiencing. I especially like this tool because of the list of resistance levels.
  • – Portfolio Grader. This portfolio grader tool is great for determining the letter grade for your entire portfolio, or just an individual stock. It doesn’t do mutual funds and ETFs, unfortunately, and the stock grader seems to be very conservative in its grading.
  • – Tip Ranks. This is the newest tech analysis tool I’ve been using recently, and I like it because it’s based on professional stock analysts’ predictions, as well as featuring a chart and all sorts of important data to determine a stock’s performance.
  • – Financial Stock Charts. This is a free chart website and you can share stock charts on your own website. This is also one of the oldest tech analysis tools I’ve been using (been using this for years).
  • – Stock Charts. Another great (and free) charting website, and I especially like this one because it can show Ichimoku Cloud indicators on a chart. Very useful./li>
Check out this chart from for BA

Visit to see more great charts.

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In Summary

Check these stock tools out, and let me know what you think. If you have your own personal favorite investing tools, feel free to add them to the comments below.

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