Super Bowl LI – Live Blogging the Action

Super Bowl LI – Live Blogging the Action

I’m going to try something I haven’t done yet on this site, and that is, ‘live blogging’ the Super Bowl. And this year it’s Super Bowl LI (51).

Lady Gaga performs the half-time show.

So, here goes…

3:22pm – Okay, I’m watching the Skylar sisters from Hamilton singing America the Beautiful… well done! And now the color guard presenting the flags.

3:25pm – Luke Bryan sings the National Anthem. Good job!

3:28pm – Aflac commercial tickled my funny bone hehe… America the Beautiful in various languages… very touching message.

Okay, let’s get on with the game already! 😉

My view. Super Bowl LI

3:31pm – Tossing the coin for heads or tails…. Former president George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

3:33pm – Tails. Atlanta Falcons win the toss. Atlanta defers.

3:36pm – The game hasn’t even started yet and I’m full from eating tortilla chips and guacamole.

1st Quarter

3:37pm – Here’s the kick-off!!! Patriots receive the ball in the first half.

3:40pm – 3 and out for the Patriots.

3:41pm – Falcons get the ball and run it to mid-field. They couldn’t get a 1st down so back to the Patriots.

3:45pm – Awe. Touching Google commercial, promoting Google Home.

3:47pm – Patriots are backed up.

3:49pm – Patriots are marching.

3:54pm – Tom Brady was sacked twice. We go to commercial break.

3:57pm – Falcons get the ball back, and get a first down around the 30.

4:00pm – Patriots get the ball back and start marching. No score so far in the 1st quarter. Both defensives seem to be playing quite well. And it looks like a scoreless 1st quarter.

Guacamole and Chips!

Super Bowl tortilla chips and homemade guacamole.

2nd Quarter

4:07pm – Patriots march down the field, but the ball is fumbled and Falcons recover it!

4:12pm – Falcons get ball back and with a couple of big 1st downs and no huddle offense, they’re in the red zone.

4:14pm – Commercials. Mel Gibson movie looks interesting. Justin Bieber promoting T-mobile as a party specialist?

4:16pm – Touchdown, Falcons. 7-0. 1st touchdown of the game. Extra point is good.

4:18pm – Commercials. Transformers – The Last Knight.

4:19pm – Falcons kick off to Patriots. Patriots run the ball to 16.

4:22pm – Patriots are 3 and out. Falcons get the ball at the 37?

4:23pm – Commercials. Terri Bradshaw’s Tide commercial is pretty hilarious.

4:26pm – Falcons are in the red zone again.

4:27pm – Touchdown, Falcons! But there’s a flag against the Patriots. Penalty is declined.

4:29pm – Patriots defense gets flagged again for illegal formation. Extra point is good!

It’s a 14-0 game, Falcons are ahead.

4:32pm – Falcons kick off to the Patriots again. Patriots start at the 25.

4:44pm – Falcons intercept a Tom Brady pass and run it all the way for another touchdown!

21-0, Falcons!

4:49pm – Patriots get the ball back. Touchback. Coming up to the 2 minute warning.

4:50pm – Commercials. I like that Humpty Dumpty commercial.

5:04pm – Patriots got close because settled with a field goal in the final seconds.

Halftime … Falcons 21 – Patriots 3

5:15pm – Lady Gaga in da house!

Lady Gaga in da house. Super Bowl LI

Lady Gaga in da house. Super Bowl LI

Lady Gaga in da house. Super Bowl LI

Halftime Lady Gaga

3rd Quarter

5:35pm – Atlanta Falcons get the ball to start the 2nd half. And it’s a 3 and out as the Patriots defense steps up and stops the Falcons. Patriots get the ball back and starts marching down the field with some big pass receptions.

5:41pm – Edelman returns the ball for big yardage. Dan Quinn challenges because Edelman stepped out of bounce at the 47.

5:45pm – And Patriots get a 3 and out and punt it away to the Falcons.

5:46pm – Hey it’s Bill Nye the Science Guy!

5:49pm – A couple of big passes for big yardage. Falcons in field gaol range.

5:51pm – Falcons in the red zone!

5:53pm – Touchdown, Falcons! 28-3

6:03pm – Patriots got a nice drive going. And they’re in the red zone. Patriots and Falcons players got their helmets stuck. The clock was reset as they tried to pry them loose.

6:05pm – Touchdown, Patriots! 28-9. Patriots missed the extra point.

6:10pm – Patriots tried an onside kick which was recovered by the Falcons mid-field.

6:16pm – Falcons struggling against the Patriots defense and Matt Ryan is sacked. The punt the ball but get a delay of game penalty. End of 3rd Quarter.

4rd Quarter

6:28pm – Patriots take the ball into the red zone, but fail to get a touchdown.

Field goal makes it 28-12, Falcons still leading.

6:29pm – Morgan Freeman for Turkish Airlines? It’s the battle of the Amazon Echo vs Google Home. lol.

6:31pm – Falcons get the ball back to around the 27.

6:38pm – Matt Ryan gets sacked. Fumble. Patriots get the ball back.

6:40pm – Patriots in the red zone.

6:41pm – Touchdown, Patriots! They get the two-point conversion. 28-20. Falcons, still leading.

6:49pm – Falcons have the ball and Matt Ryan throws a miraculous pass to Julio Jones who made a miraculous catch, putting them in the red zone.

6:50pm – Matt Ryan is sacked.

6:54pm – Falcons punt.

6:55pm – Patriots backed up, try for a long bomb.

7:01pm – Two-Minute Warning – Falcons 28, Patriots 20. Patriots in the red zone.

7:07pm – Touchdown, Patriots tie the game! With 57 seconds left in the game.

7:12pm – Patriots get the ball back with 11 seconds in the game!


First overtime in Super Bowl history!

Patriots get the ball first in overtime.

7:17pm – Falcons kick off to the Patriots. Touchback.

7:20pm – Patriots in Falcon territory at the 40.

7:21pm – Patriots at the Falcons’ 25.

7:22pm – Patriots at the Falcons’ 15.

7:24pm – Touchdown, Patriots!

Patriot’s win their 5th Super Bowl in the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era.

An incredible comeback by the New England Patriots!

Patriots 34 – Falcons 28



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