Super Moon Effects?

Super Moon Effects?

The old BMW broke down when my son was trying to get home from the gym (it still looked like the #SuperMoon out there it was so bright).

My son called AAA and I drove out there to where he was.

It wasn’t the battery, but it looked like the starter was out. The AAA guy tapped it a few times as sometimes the starter gets stuck. When he was almost ready to load the car onto the AAA guy’s truck, lo and behold, he thought he’d give it a try again and it worked!

But we still drove it to our mechanic’s shop and left it there for them to check out in the morning.

Anyway, as we were driving home, we passed by 5 tow trucks either getting read to tow a vehicle or transporting a vehicle! it was crazy! was it the Super Moon?

Also, there was an accident earlier on the I-15 which backed up the Northbound lanes. we had to take a detour on our way to Yoga class, and there weren’t many people in Yoga class.

Well, according to Ashtanga Yoga, you’re not supposed to practice Yoga on full moon and new moon days. i mentioned this to my wife, but she was skeptical. but it’s well documented that full moon and new moon days are considered Yoga holidays, respecting the power of the Moon to affect us and the planet we live in.

And now I’m up at 4-ish in the morning and i’m hearing a pack of coyotes howling at the Super Moon, or what’s left of it.

Boy, what a night!!!

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