Tablo: A DVR Solution for OTR HDTV Viewing

A DVR Solution for OTR HDTV Viewing


Tablo is a DVR-tuner for your digital antenna, accessing the major network channels as well as local channels via your HDTV digital antenna.

A major plus is that Tablo can stream your free broadcast channels to any device connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Here are some key features:

  • It has a special tuner to get those over-the-air FREE HDTV broadcast channels.
  • You can record tv shows from those HDTV broadcast channels like any DVR.
  • You can stream over-the-air FREE HDTV broadcast channels to any device on your WIFI network (HDTVs, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones).
  • The user interface looks impressive, and very user-friendly.

A YouTube Review

Things I Like About It

  • I already have ROKU, so this would be a great addition to my current over-the-air/streaming TV setup.
  • You can use a Channel App in Roku to access your broadcast channels.
  • Having the ability to stream over-the-air broadcast channels to any device on the network is a very nice feature, providing a lot of options and convenience.
  • Being able to record broadcast shows would be great, and being able to start from the beginning of a show or skip around is another big feature.

Possible Critiques

  • Channel surfers will have to adjust because the menu system isn’t set up that way.
  • Because it streams channels to your devices, there will be a delay when switching channels.
  • You need a 2 TB hard drive (or less).

In Summary

This device seems to be a possible great addition to your current television setup, functioning as a DVR and having the ability to stream to all devices on the WIFI network.

Would I get one for myself?

You bet!

But because Tablo is treated like a separate channel within a streaming device like Roku, you won’t be able to record cable channels on a channel like Sling TV, although Sling has a menu system for older shows so you can catch up, and those are all on-demand streaming.



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