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  • Apple Computers
    Today is Apple’s Day, But I Bought Microsoft on the Dip!

    As I was contemplating buying more shares of Apple this morning in the pre-market hours, I was thinking that the stock would eventually settle down after all the hype.

    I was right.

    Shares of AAPL were trading at $174+ a share in the pre-market, which meant there was going to be a huge gap up once the regular trading session began at 6:30am PDT.

  • Morning Cup
    Vegan Thinking, The Flu, and Stock Market Rallies

    The Flu I’m up early this morning. That’s a good thing, which means I’m pretty healthy again. Okay, I had the flu for about a good two weeks, beginning just a couple days AFTER Super Bowl Sunday. I have to tell you I don’t wish this one on my

  • Navigating the Choppy Waters of the Stock Market

    As a stock trader and investor who’s been struggling this year, I know how choppy the waters can be during a bear market. Add to that the fact that the gigs have been fewer this year, and you have a musician and stock trader who’s been struggling overall. Hope

  • Investing Notes: Portfolio Performance in October

    If you’ve been following the stock market in recent weeks, you noticed the overall downtrend. Chalk it up to recent geo-political events or an overall correction, but it was obvious the market has been tanking since late September. Last week was the low point in this downtrend, when the

  • Portfolio Page Updated: Earnings Week, Visa, Apple, Starbucks

    It’s been a “good” week for the Western Sage Equity Fund. It’s Earnings Week and so far Apple Inc. posted its Earnings Report. EPS beat analysts’ consensus, which caused the stock to push past $97. And it looks like the stock is poised to break the $100 barrier. Also,

  • Just a Hodge-Podge of Swirling Randomness…

    Happy Hump Day to all! This morning, I’ve been busy with the stock market. And today so far it’s been a swirling vortex of red numbers. On days like this it’s painful to watch, and I’m thinking about what Warren Buffett has said, to not look at the stock


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