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  • big time operator
    Big Time Operator and the Swing Kids

    As the drummer for the neo-swing band Big Time Operator from 1996 to 1999, I must confess I had the time of my life playing Sing, Sing, Sing. Good times! Great gigs!

  • Retro Enthusiast
    Bygone Era: Big Time Operator Performing “Sing Sing Sing”

    Someone posted a video on YouTube from a bygone era that was the Neo Swing Movement, also called the Swing Revival which began in the early 1990’s as an underground movement, and reached the height of its popularity by 1999. Performing with Big Time Operator from 1996 to 1999,

  • Big Time Operator: A Bygone Era

    It’s hard to believe it’s been roughly 10 years now, since the time this photo was taken, sometime during the Big Time Operator days!


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