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  • Morning Cup
    10 Ways to De-Stress Your Life and Not Be Distressed

    Life in general can be full of stressful things from health matters to daily interactions with others, to financial and family problems. Yes, sometimes life can be a drag. I’ve just been putting together some things that help me to de-stress, or provide “stress management” in my life. I

  • Front Page
    [] Recent Modifications To The Site

    Though it might not be as noticeable, I’ve made several modifications to the site that I am hoping will be beneficial to visitors. These site modifications are detailed below, and one of the most important goals was to improve navigation. Being that the front page is a rather unique,

  • So, Why Make Money with Your Blog?

    If you’ve been blogging for quite some time, and haven’t tried to monetize your blog, you might want to consider doing so. It’s never too late, and it’s a good way to earn a little extra income while doing something (I assume) you already love to do, which is

  • father-in-law
    Clement D. Roman: 01/11/1922 – 06/03/2008

    THIS ENTRY IS DEDICATED TO MY FATHER-IN-LAW, who passed on from complications after a long illness. He was 86. He was a great man who achieved so many things in his lifetime. He was a kind man… diplomatic, caring, giving. He helped put many young nephews and nieces through

  • Easter Sunday
    Easter: A Symbol of Renewal and Rebirth

    Childhood Memories of Easter I have many fond memories of Easter. I remember Easter egg hunts and playing games. I remember eating boiled eggs of many different colours and varieties, until I became ill from eating too many. Easter for a child is a special time. There is a


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