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    Investing Notes: RSI Indicators and Overbought Stocks

    No doubt, the biggest performing stock this year has been Boeing [stock_quote symbol="BA"], and in July the stock surpassed 50% gain YTD! I mean, that’s insane. And it looked like Boeing was carrying the entire stock market in recent months.

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    Stock Market News: Recapping the Final Week of July 2017

    It was a VERY interesting final week in July of 2017.

    For a moment, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was the richest person in the world! Then, suddenly he wasn’t.

    We had a nice tech rally led by the likes of Amazon and Facebook, and then this morning we see a sell-off in tech stocks (Well, to me that’s just investors taking profits off the top).

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    So The Stock Market Closed on a Rather Historic Day

    So, today it was announced that Jeff Bezos, founder, chairman and CEO of [stock_quote symbol="AMZN"], is now the RICHEST person in the world, surpassing Microsoft found Bill Gates.

    This is rather exciting and interesting news, being that Amazon’s stock has been achieving new all-time highs and gapping up today.

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    Boeing Soars Amid Two Day Strong Rally and Earnings

    It’s been a great two days of rallying for the portfolio. For starters, Boeing gapped up an amazing 10% in these two days. Today, Boeing is up 2.77% so far today. Well, the aerospace and defense company reported $1.76 billion dollars in earnings for the 2nd quarter, and a cash flow of $5 billion for the quarter!


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