Reducing Monthly Bills by Reassessing your Insurance Costs

Nowadays, in today’s highly competitive insurance market, one can find the best deals by simply going online, and getting the best home insurance quotes… for free.

Many web sites that offer “free quotes” can be very useful and can provide you with the best deals for the same coverage, whether you’re looking for something specific like insurance for business in Illinois, or something more basic such as auto insurance.

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Random Thoughts on Moving and a Frugal Lifestyle

No doubt if you’ve been a fairly regular reader, you know that, every now and then, I try to share tips for saving money and living a frugal lifestyle. Well, in these tough economic times, I’ve certainly been posting more ways to saving and practice frugality.

I just wish I’d done my homework on relocating to another city, being that the family and I had recently moved to a new condo in Riverside.

A friend of mine grew up in the Chicago area, and I was thinking that if I wanted to relocate here from “the windy city”, finding affordable Chicago moving companies would be at the top of my list of priorities.

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