In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • Solo Album: Ethereal Blue

    I just wanted to take the opportunity t once again plug my solo album, Ethereal Blue.

    This was a solo piano effort using my home studio and various keyboard devices and virtual instruments.

  • Frugal Living vs. Consumerism

    I chanced upon GuyNamedDave‘s blog (via and read his post: 100 Thing Challenge I love his idea of a 100 Thing Challenge. 100 personal things that are essential in your life, and hopefully you won’t need anything else. Can you do it? I’ll be working on my list.

  • Do You Serve The Master, Or MasterCard?

    Part of the documentary, In Debt We Trust… In the beginning of this video, a church in Norfolk, Virginia takes donations from it’s church members to help one member liquidate all of their debts. Then the person is told to cut up his/her credit cards! Sounds like a good

  • Frugality 101 + Investing 101 = Getting Out Of Debt

    I will be the first to admit that historical, I’ve been a big spender rather than a spend thrift… and I do have a bit of credit card debt I need to pay off. I’ve been going to this site,, because the author has amassed a ton of


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