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  • Drums
    Happiness is a Struggling Musician

    As a musician, I’ve had maybe one close call with “big time” success, and it was a very enriching experience, and also disappointing as well.

    It’s a heartbreaker when you think you’re riding a big wave of success, only for the bandleader to call you one day to let you go. Supposedly, I was replaced by another drummer just before this big success would happen.

  • One Man Jazz Trio
    The Concept of the One Man Jazz Trio

    I’ve recently been “woodshedding” as a One Man Jazz Trio. Jazz Music is dependent on music performed in “real time”, because of the power of improvisation. At least I believe true Jazz is performed in “real time” and “improvised”. It’s true Zen, the more I think about it, and

  • Grand Piano
    [Redux] Rediscovered Stuff and Random Links 02.05.2013

    I’ve been reviewing some older posts, especially those related to my piano and drum practice. Now, since I got the grand piano back in 2007, I’d been practicing more on piano than drums. So, I’d been checking out posts like Working in the Piano Woodshed, just to see what

  • workaholic
    I’m Gigging in the Rain, Just Gigging in the Rain…

    Last Sunday, I performed a gig with the Smoketet version of Smokestaxx. We are one of the regular bands in rotation at the Coyote Bar & Grill in Carlsbad, California. Part of the thrill of performing here is the fact that this is an outdoor venue under the stars,

  • Slipknot Drummer: Joey Jordison’s Drum Solo

    Joey Jordison is currently my favorite metal drummer. Okay, I’m biased here but I think he always has a solid drum sound, and while he uses the triggered DDrum kits to get a really full-bodied drum sound, I think it works in his musical situations. I was an acoustic-only

  • Music Busy-ness… Taking Up Most of My Time

    I’ve been quite busy with the Music aspect of my Life, which entails much of the following: 1. Gigs around town with up to half a dozen musical projects. 2. Just listening to and studying a lot of music out there (whenever I listening to music it isn’t just


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