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  • Tuesday, August 29, 2017

    I’m bouncing back from my slight cold and other ailments. As I posted yesterday, I’d been under-the-weather with a Summer Cold. And it didn’t help that San Diego is experiencing a tropical heat wave with highs in the 90s this week.

  • What is Optimal Health? And are We Trying to Get There?

    What is optimal health? What is wellness for that matter?

    I’m a drummer and pianists, a musician who practices my instruments daily and performs week in, week out doing gigs.

    I’ve realized that I don’t perform well if my mind, body and spirit aren’t in optimal health.

  • Napali Coast
    Stellar Results at my Annual Checkup

    I was so happy this morning.

    I had my annual physical with my doctor and she said that I looked “healthy” and I “lost weight” based on my vital stats.

  • Morning Cup
    10 Ways to De-Stress Your Life and Not Be Distressed

    Life in general can be full of stressful things from health matters to daily interactions with others, to financial and family problems. Yes, sometimes life can be a drag. I’ve just been putting together some things that help me to de-stress, or provide “stress management” in my life. I

  • Oatmeal Zen Diet
    Food Tracking and the Power of Oatmeal

    I am convinced of the power of Oatmeal, since I skipped Oatmeal for breakfast the past few days. And, the past few mornings it’s been hard to get up, and I’m sort of dragging my feet all day, not quite as energetic as I was when I was eating

  • Go Placidly
    Trying To Find A Way To Keep The Food Journal Alive

    As many of you readers might’ve noticed a week or two ago; this site was penalized by Google for suspicious links/URLs. I traced the problem to the fact that I had been keeping a food journal for the past 3 months, to document my food intake and help me


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