In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • The Himalayas
    A Whirlwind of an India Trip…

    Right now, I’m suffering time shifts of jet lag, having just finished a whirlwind tour through India.

    I have a gazillion photos to sort through and ‘curate’ before sharing them on Flickr and Facebook. Sure, I’d like to post them on Instagram too, but I like Facebook’s ability to create nice photo albums, while they also get posted on my timeline.

  • Ravi Shankar
    CD Review: World Is India

    Indian Bollywood Meets World Dub World Is India is a music CD available at Starbucks Coffee Shops. This compilation CD of Indian music covers a period from 1962 to 2008, and features a diverse collection of Indian artists. A few weeks ago I was in a local Starbucks getting

  • The Best of the Zen Garden in 2010: The Winter Solstice Edition

    Looking back on the archives of the past 5 years, I noticed I never wrote a “Best of…” post to showcase the most popular posts at year-end for any given year. I thought I’d start a new tradition… That said, today is Winter Solstice 2010 and we are also

  • Selected Highlights from the Zen Garden: April 2010

    Many philosophers note that the only thing permanent IS change. And with that said, I feel this blog is going to change directions somewhat, to posts that cover sustainable living, organic gardening, composting and other topics related to the concept of green living. Here are some highlights paving the


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