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  • Investing Notes: Uptrending Stocks In May 2017

    Investing Notes: Uptrending Stocks In May 2017 I’ve been tracking stocks with strong uptrends, and came up with four new positions below. I’ve been trading in and out of Apple for many years now, capturing profits and dividends, but I want to hold a position for the long term.

  • Buddha Morning
    6 Ways To Cultivate Humility and Save Money

    Why Would We Want to Cultivate Humility? One might ask… One definition of humility is as follows: “Humility is the quality of being humble: modest, not proud, doing something out of the goodness of your heart, not for yourself, self-abasing.” Today, I’m mainly concerned with cultivating a sense of

  • Is the Market Going Through Another Correction?

    The last few days in the stock market have been terrible, to put it bluntly. Apple, Inc. just posted a great 2nd quarter that included a 33% jump in iPhone 6/6+ sales, making the quarter the 2nd best of Apple’s history. So, you’d think this would boost Apple’s stock

  • Amazon’s Gap Up. Disney and Apple Going Strong, Inc. (AMZN) The Motley Fool explains clearly just why Amazon’s stock has gapped up so dramatically. Shares of (NASDAQ: AMZN) skyrocketed 16% early Friday after the online retail juggernaut announced better-than-expected first-quarter results the previous evening. Amazon’s stock has been choppy the past 8 months, but this


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