Saturday, June 2, 2018, Market Recap, Winners and Losers

DOW +219.37   •   NASDAQ +112.21   •   SP500 +29.36   •   NYSE +93.69

It appeared that the major market indexes ended on a high note to cap off the week, but if you look at the one week chart below for the DOW, we didn’t even break even as losses earlier in the week were greater than the bounce back on Friday. But, Friday was a great rally for a change. And it’s nice to end (for the most part) all in the green.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018: DOW Down 133 , Leaders SHOP, ISRG, CSCO, AMZN

DOW -133 • NASDAQ +8 • SP500 -6 • NYSE +0

The DOW is down some 133 points, mostly due to fears of another Euro Crisis, particularly with the countries of Italy and Spain, and more threats coming from the Trump Administration regarding trade wars with Europe on steel and aluminum tariffs.

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Friday, May 25, 2018: DOW Down 14.87, Leaders AAPL, SHOP, FDX, BA

DOW -29.63NASDAQ +23.76SP500 -4.52NYSE -53.66

It’s pretty obvious that investors and investment bankers all over the country are preparing for the Memorial Weekend. On Monday, May 28, the stock market will be closed in remembrance of those fallen while serving our country. And, I’m sure that many have taken Friday off to make it a 4-Day Memorial Weekend.

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