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  • Apple Computers
    Today is Apple’s Day, But I Bought Microsoft on the Dip!

    As I was contemplating buying more shares of Apple this morning in the pre-market hours, I was thinking that the stock would eventually settle down after all the hype.

    I was right.

    Shares of AAPL were trading at $174+ a share in the pre-market, which meant there was going to be a huge gap up once the regular trading session began at 6:30am PDT.

  • List No. 1

    “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” —Gandhi The photo above is my current desktop on my Meerkat Nettop. I’m in love with this wallpaper right now. And you can get it here.

  • Windows Server 2008 Training

    In the world of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the most popular OS in the world, there is also Microsoft Windows Server 2008… a more robust, secure, reliable and powerful operating system that can be utilized as a high-performance Server on the World Wide Web, serving web pages, streaming

  • Yahoo May Consider Alliance With Google

    I think I would personally welcome the following scenario over the proposed 44.6 billion dollar takeover bid by Microsoft: Yahoo May Consider Google Alliance: source SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Yahoo Inc (YHOO.O) would consider a business alliance with Google Inc (GOOG.O) as one way to rebuff a $44.6

  • Microsoft Offers $44.6B for Yahoo!

    In the universe that is cyberspace and the world wide web, this whole thing with Microsoft offering $44,6 billion dollars for Yahoo! is pretty big news! How does everyone feel about this? Apparently, Yahoo’s stock (I don’t own any) has been in a slump the past 4 years. With


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