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  • Beast Burger
    A Vegan Lifestyle: What I Eat Throughout The Week

    I’ve been thinking about what I eat during the week as a Vegan.

    I think I try to mix it up and eat a variety of foods, but I know that I could do better in eating more variety and eating new fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

  • What is Optimal Health? And are We Trying to Get There?

    What is optimal health? What is wellness for that matter?

    I’m a drummer and pianists, a musician who practices my instruments daily and performs week in, week out doing gigs.

    I’ve realized that I don’t perform well if my mind, body and spirit aren’t in optimal health.

  • Vegan Vegetarian
    Analyzing Yesterday’s Cron-o-meter Results on Vegan Diet

    Every once-in-a-while, I post my results to let people (and myself) know just how I’m doing on a vegan diet by posting my Cron-o-meter results.

    Cron-o-meter helps me stay on track with my vegan diet, letting me know if I’m eating too many calories or if I need to exercise and be more active.

  • Oatmeal Zen Diet
    Food Tracking and the Power of Oatmeal

    I am convinced of the power of Oatmeal, since I skipped Oatmeal for breakfast the past few days. And, the past few mornings it’s been hard to get up, and I’m sort of dragging my feet all day, not quite as energetic as I was when I was eating


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