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  • Organic vs Non-Organic Bananas. Which is Better?

    Every morning I make a smoothie for breakfast. Sometimes I make a “green smoothie”, but most of the time it’s a “raw cacao smoothie”. I always use bananas in my smoothies. Now, there has been a lot of debate on whether organic produce is superior to non-organic produce, and

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    Quick Update on the Orchids with Pics

    Just a quick update on the progress of the orchids. I’ve been experimenting by feeding the orchids compost tea only, which has been prepared organically with worm compost and worm tea added to the bucket of water. I haven’t been using any synthetic fertilizers, or the standard blue and

  • 03.18.2013

    The problems with traveling and trying to stay on a specific diet abound, and many times one has to accomodate other people’s needs in relation to your own. For one, my wife is NOT a vegetarian but she’s not a total meat eater. She’s an omnivore and I’ve been

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    Zen Meals: A Concept of Simplicity and Mindfulness

    “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh . . . . There is truth to the above saying… If any joy and happiness can be found, it can be found within the present moment. That

  • Raw Foods
    Food Diary: Notes on Monitoring Food Intake

    We live in a digital world where 0’s and 1’s make up our computerized, technological lifestyle. Computer languages and software developers are all about pinpoint accuracy as far as developing code that runs our mobile apps and computer software. Sure, life has some grey areas and that’s what makes

  • Organic Gardening: Tips On How To Manage Your Compost Pile

    At the beginning of May I posted an article about composting and gardening that generated some interest called Composting and Organic Gardening Checklist for Spring. Since I had piqued my own interest on the subject of organic gardening again, I decided to go with that cue and share more


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