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  • Andrew Skurka
    [50% Off] Cyber Monday Deals on Backpacks

    Sharing some sweet deals on hiking gear today. Here is a selection of backpacks from various online stores that are 50% (or more) off their retail value. I’ll try to share more hiking gear later.

  • 5 Day Hiking Sites You Might Be Interested In

    NOW AND THEN I share links about various topics I’m interested in, and lately it’s been hiking and backpacking. I’m preparing to go on a serious multiple-day backpacking trip someday (who wants to go with me), but for now it’s all about day hikes! 1. This is a

  • Hiking Trails: Discovering a Secret Place on Mt. Rubidoux

    Every week I try to hike Mt. Rubidoux.

    I hiked it again yesterday, and this time I brought my backpack since I knew the weather was going to be sunny and in the 90s. I needed to use the water reservoir for a convenient supply of cool water.


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