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  • Vegan Food Pyramid
    Vegan 2017: A Documentary

    More and more people are turning to Veganism, either as a more healthy solution to a chronic illness or health issue they are experiencing, or simply to support animal rights and to prevent the torture and killing of animals.

    Vegan 2017 is the latest documentary I’ve come across on the subject of Veganism.

  • Beast Burger
    A Vegan Lifestyle: What I Eat Throughout The Week

    I’ve been thinking about what I eat during the week as a Vegan.

    I think I try to mix it up and eat a variety of foods, but I know that I could do better in eating more variety and eating new fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

  • What’s Your Style? Macrobiotic, Vegan, Plant-Based, SAD?

    What’s Your Style? Macrobiotic, Vegan, Plant-Based, SAD? I was reading a nice post from Goodness Gracious about the differences between Macrobiotic, Plant-Based and Vegan diets. Keep in mind, unless you were raised a Vegan or Vegetarian, the overwhelmingly majority of us have been raised on SAD, the Standard American

  • Napali Coast
    Stellar Results at my Annual Checkup

    I was so happy this morning.

    I had my annual physical with my doctor and she said that I looked “healthy” and I “lost weight” based on my vital stats.


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