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    I’m Saddened That I’ve Lost My Poetical Edge

    I’m learned some hard lessons in my Life.

    I’ve learned that you may have dreams of ‘making it’ in the Music Industry, but in the end you’re most likely to fall short of the mark. But, it has taught me that one performs Music for the passion and the inspiration, as well as the very act of making people happy, making them dance and groove to the music. And for that, I feel I have fulfilled my life-long dream of being successful.

  • Ample Make This Bed— by Emily Dickinson

    Ample Make This Bed— by Emily Dickinson FAR AND AWAY MY FAVORITE POEM by Emily Dickinson, I found out about Ample Make This Bed from the movie “Sophie’s Choice”. In the movie the main character Stingo discovers his friends Sophie and Nathan dead in their bed from an apparent

  • Signs of Virtue: A Book of Original Selected Poetry

    ON THE EVE OF ST. VALENTINE’S DAY, I “quietly” launched my ebook of original poetry, “Signs of Virtue”. And now, I’ve have made my ebook available, free of charge, to anyone wishing to download and read it. This is my gift to you! All I ask in return is

  • Signs of Virtue: A Collection of Inspirational Poetry (1st Edition)

    It is done! I’ve been laboring over this eBook project for the longest time. Well, the collection of poetry goes back to my high school days, back in Creative Writing class when I created The Adonical Scriptures of Eastern Philosophy, which was more a collection of works by great

  • The Last Day of the Year

    The Last Day of the Year February 4, 1979 by Carlos Rull . . . . Waves, crash against rocks below, as sunset slowly turns ocean and sky into dreamful reflections… …streams of colorful hues, then misty dark. You and I, in a quiet place above the sea, where


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