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  • the 1990s
    How Much Did it Cost in the 1990s?

    How Much Did It Cost in the 1990s? A very good question, as we investigate just how much things cost back then, compared to now. First off, this is part of a continuing series, and we’ve already covered the following decades: So, let’s take a look at the next

  • Uh, Yes… I’ve Been Watching American Idol

    I have a confession to make: I’ve been watching American Idol. Anyway, as many of you already know, there’s a bit of a scandal in this season’s American Idol. One of the contestants, Antonella Barba, has a collection of pretty sexy, revealing photos (now all over the Internet). Should

  • The 10 Greatest Moments in Letterman Show History

    “From Madonna’s cigar smoking cursing tirade to Cher’s thong reunion with Sonny to Drew Barrymore flashing Dave – they count ’em down in true Letterman fashion (with pics)…” Celebrating 25 years of Letterman on Late Night Television. But no “stupid pet tricks”? One of the craziest tricks I remember


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