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  • Sky and Clouds
    Randomguru 2.0.13

    Looking back at last year’s New Year’s resolutions, I see that I fulfilled some of my goals, and perhaps I didn’t achieve some, either. But, we are human. We forgive ourselves, and move on and set new goals. Here’s last year’s resolutions, posted at the beginning of 2012. I

  • Randomguru: Friday Night Update

    No Gig Tonight Since there’s no gig tonight, I’m just hanging out with the family. I prepared a nice dinner consisting of salad, baked salmon and tuna salad for the family. And we’ll watch a rented DVD. Maybe the Jay Leno Show, and just kick back and relax for

  • Randomguru 101

    101 Things About Me…. I know, rather cheesy with the 101 thing but I couldn’t resist, and I wanted to be a little different….. This is for RBJ’s August 2007 Collaboration: . . . . 001. I’m right-handed. 002. I don’t smoke. 003. I drink alcoholic beverages occasionally. Not


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