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    Neglecting the Garden and Roses

    I’ve been neglecting the garden lately. That is why I haven’t posted photos in quite awhile.

    I used to have some beautiful rose bushes and just do a search on this site to find the best of the blooms, but right now it’s Autumn and the roses aren’t doing well at all.

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    Yoga, Gardening, Drumming and Piano Playing

    This post is more lamentation than observation.

    I’ve seriously been neglecting the garden lately. And for those who’ve been following me, I’ve posted some very nice photos from the rose garden in the past. It’s just sad, but I’ve been trying to find the time, and my only excuse is that I’m trying to do several different things at the same time each week.

  • Hybrid Tea Rose
    Meditative Calm in the Zen Garden .:.

    Here’s my beginning-of-April update on the garden. My goals have always been to create a beautiful, functional garden ideal for meditation. Every year it gets closer to my ideals of what that garden should be. I know people who have beautiful gardens with lots of flowering and fruiting shrubs

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    Compost Tea

    My Basic Recipe 3 gallons – Water (dechlorinated) 2 cups – Compost (in a filtered mesh bag) 1 capful – Fish Emulsion 2 tbsp – Raw Organic Sugar 2 tbsp – Kelp Extract Brew with a 20 gallon air pump and air stone for 24 hours. Using Compost Tea

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    Square Foot Gardening Update: Second Week of October

    Just a quick update on the Square Foot Garden for the second week of October. I haven’t been very active with blogging, but I’ve been very active in other things like gardening, planting roses, recording music and practicing piano, not to mention getting back into Yoga. So, here are

  • Intended Randomness…

    My “intended randomness” posts are meant as random notes on what I’m currently thinking and feeling on the given day. I’ve posted random thoughts many times before. But, looking back, I “intended” the reader to interpret my thoughts as random. On the other end of the spectrum regarding universal


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