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    6 Ways To Cultivate Humility and Save Money

    Why Would We Want to Cultivate Humility? One might ask… One definition of humility is as follows: “Humility is the quality of being humble: modest, not proud, doing something out of the goodness of your heart, not for yourself, self-abasing.” Today, I’m mainly concerned with cultivating a sense of

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    10 Ways Being More Frugal Can Impact Your Life

    “I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them.” —John Stuart Mill . . . . Adopting a more frugal mindset can change and transform your Life in many positive ways. It can teach you the true value of money

  • 4 Tips To Live More Frugally and Save for Travel

    A quick glance on CNN Health will feature the latest new advancements in modern medicine and medical technology, though it’s a fact that Americans aren’t getting the adequate healthcare and health insurance they need. Or, they simply are going without it, especially if they are self-employed or contract workers.

    The internet is a vast resource of wealth and information, where one can get free quotes by simply searching for the best health insurance to fit one’s needs and budget. Whether it’s small group health for employers and employees, or self employed group health for freelancers and small business owners, the options are out there and affordable.

  • How To Create a Dollar Free Weekend

    Let’s face it! We all know that weekends are when we tend to spend money. Whether it’s to dine out, or go to the movies (or both), or we just go out and “paint the town red”! The truth is, many of us live for the weekends, and that

  • Personal Finance: Why Live a More Frugal Lifestyle?

    Some time ago, I purchased a coin sorter from Target. I’m a coin collector, so I knew I had a large surplus of coins in my collection. Some of these coins were in special coin containers, but most were organized in money boxes. And, add to that whatever coins

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    The Philosophy of Frugality

    It is a well known fact that spending beyond one’s means will only lead to financial trouble. So, why are many people in such financial dire straits? I think the keyword is “entitlement”. And we have to look at the social norms of rampant consumerism in a society that


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